Сommunity platform to create and manage all community activities and data in one place
"We create our community with online 1-1 networking for our clients and partners. It helps us increase marketing and business metrics"
Co-founder Anna Money Bank

For community leaders
Advance management and all
сommunity data in one place

For community members
Match-making algorithm that drives engagement and number of connections
How it works
Volee software collects and analyzes the data about community members
Volee introduces community members to each other on the platform, in email and messengers
Volee automatically selects relevant to each other community members, based on their professional interests and backgrounds
What people say about their matches:
the average score of the selected matches
Volee works
The score represents survey results of users across all ecosystems that use Volee
What people say about their matches:
What people say about their matches
"I found 2 new customers in the community that uses Volee. They were in search of partners in no code development, so we were perfectly matched".
CEO Welovenocode.com
Sales leads Etika
Kate & Peter
"I matched for the 1-1 meeting with a lot of interesting people in the community, some of them became my clients and investors. It’s so useful to make new connections in the startup community"
CEO Magickids.me
"Our team liked the idea about 1-1 connections between students of business school, where we previously studied. We found experts and partners, that helps up with business expertise"
Grow your metrics with Volee
Business goals
New customers
Loyalty rate
Community is an additional value, that will help your marketing and product teams increase business metrics
1-1 connections will boost the number of contracts within your ecosystem
Community with networking will give your clients and partners new comfort ways to make new business contacts
Save your time
100% Automatically
Access to data
Easy to integrate
24/7 access to structured data and analytics of your community
Volee automatically creates all matches and community meetings
No code integration
Increase the engagement rate and collects additional data about your community